The History of Koala Shopping Centre dates back to the early 80s when the Wolley family started as a small retail outlet to cater for the needs of their family and friends. This business saw tremendous growth till 1989 when the family decided it was imperative to expand their horizon from a 300M² Store to a 1100M² Shopping Centre which is situated in the busy commercial area of Osu- Accra.
1000M² facility offers all your grocery requirements, including local and imported foodstuffs, fresh and frozen meat and poultry, and breads, cakes and pastries from our very own bakery.
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We are widely recognized as the first retail store in Ghana to meet international standards with experienced professionals ready and committed to provide quality goods and services to meet the needs of Ghanaians and foreigners who come into the country. Our main Objective is to meet the needs of people living in Ghana by providing them with quality goods and services which are internationally accepted.
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