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The History of Koala Shopping Centre dates back to the early 80s when the Wolley family started as a small retail outlet to cater for the needs of their family and friends. This business saw tremendous growth till 1989 when the family decided it was imperative to expand their horizon from a 300M² Store to a 1100M² Shopping Centre which is situated in the busy commercial area of Osu- Accra.

1989 Kwatsons began operations as a small grocery shop

1992 Kwatsons relocates its present location at Danquah circle with a new section called the Butchery section

1994 kwatsons now becomes KOALA SUPERMARKET with two more sections which is Bakery and Dairy added.

1996 koala creates another floor upstairs expanding its initial floor size from 300sqm to 1100spm

1998 koala moves Bakery section to Abelemkpe as a separate unit and replace it with the Cereal section within koala

2000 koala launches three more sections to occupy the new floor which is Coffee shop, electrical, and household section

2010 Major developments such as new units, training, car park extension, new sections, and significant growth in customer service and staff.
Koala shopping history